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My piece, "Teaching the f-word" was selected to be included in the Best of Creative Nonfiction Vol.2

My travel article, "The Night of the Mikoshis" was selected to be included in "To Japan With Love" anthology.

West of Bondi

An intimate portrait of my grandmother and uncle living in Australia

Son of Crusoe

How literature transformed my childhood

The Blue Marlin

 Hostess Bar in Tokyo 

Turbulence at -100 Feet

Neuroses of subway commuters in Japan

A Night at Wara Wara

A night in Tokyo when alcohol and nationalism do not mix


A childhood experience as a war refugee 

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Book Review

Quentin Casey's The Sea Was In Their Blood


A Day at El Pateon de Belen

Visit to a hospital cemetery in Guadalajara

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Travel: Tokyo Attractions

Top 10 Places to Visit in Tokyo

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Delivering It Like Trudeau

Day of a Whig Standard Newspaper Boy

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