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Chip Log User's Manual

Learn how to build and use your very own chip log from the Age of Sail.

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Audacity Online Help

Online web page done on Madcap Flare


Smartboard Whitepaper

White paper on the Smartboard

esl guide.png

Writing guide for ESL students at college level

case of the twins.jpg

Student-led production of "The Case of the Twins" in English class (YMCA, 2008)

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Webinar: Freelancing on Upwork

Learn how to start your freelance writing career on Upwork.

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Smart Notebook 17 Tutorial

Tutorial for Smartboard application Notebook 17

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State-of-the-art Japanese bidets that make you feel like the  captain of the Starship Enterprise

cover  world english.jpg

World English

Co-authored English textbook (Unit 9 America)

the boss.jpg

The Boss

Student-led production of "The Boss" in English class (YMCA, 2008)

Technical Writing Portfolio

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